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Consulting, innovation and SECurity as a Service (SECaaS)

Managing security does not only require the competences of a scientist, but it also demands the talent of a manager, the rigour of an accountant, and the innovation of an engineer or an artist.

Consulting services

itrust consulting offers its security expertise for consulting missions. Our consultants guide you to find the best suiting security solutions for your business requirements through the identification assessment, and treatment of security issues. Our competences and fields of expertise are the following:

  • Management systems (ISO 27001),
  • Personal data protection,
  • Essential Services Providers Protection,
  • Technical studies (PKI, VoIP, virtualisation),
  • Risk analysis based on the itrust consulting tools TRICK light and TRICK Service,
  • Assistance to the migration and integration of new information technologies,
  • Forensic analysis,
  • Technology migration (Microsoft, PKI etc...),
  • Design and analysis of cryptographic protocols (classical, quantum and post-quantum),
  • Review and audit of security and cryptographic software,
  • Transition to quantum-safe design and infrastructure using quantum-secure crypto systems.

      "Move securely within the cyberworld"

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          Data Privacy – compliance with GDPR for SME’s

          Advice and support to comply with the requirements of the European Regulation, tailored to the type and size of your organization. Extract of important subjects:
          • document context, purposes and data treatment register,
          • manage incidents, documentation and communication,
          • accomplish Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA) and compliance roadmap,
          • optimize your data protection statement.

              "be GDPR compliant"

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                  SECurity as a Service

                  itrust consulting is able to realise a monitoring service adapted to the needs and budget of your company, by realising specific security sourcing missions. itrust provides mentoring or technical implementation missions on a one-off or regular basis onsite at your organisation. Mission examples:
                  • CISO as a service,
                  • Managerial monitoring of security issues,
                  • Incident Response management,
                  • Assistance to the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO),
                  • Internal audit.
                  Sourcing domains:
                  • Essential Services Providers (finance, energy, health, industry),
                  • E-banking, e-commerce, web applications, cloud computing, PKI,
                  • Systems and networks, IT governance, personal data protection.


                  In connection with its R&D department, itrust consulting conducts opportunity studies and conceives innovative solutions, products or services that need a high level of data security.
                  • Localisation certifying service study,
                  • Dynamic multi-modal carpooling opportunity study,
                  • Use of satellite communication in "smart-meters" management opportunity study.
                  In connection with the ICT department, itrust consulting develops software and security tools by using the SCRUM methodology.
                  • Design and development of an efficient and light-weight intrusion detection system in the context of the internet of things (IoT),
                  • Design and development of security and cryptographic software aimed at providing a quantum-secure encryption and key management system,
                  • Design, development and operation of a pseudonymisation service for "Standardized Tests" of the education, system in Luxembourg (2013-2015),
                  • Proof of concept of Secure Localisation Assurance Provider (ESA project 2013),
                  • Development of a risk analysis prototype according to customers specification (2012).