Carlo Harpes

Managing Director &
Chief Information Security Officer

Matthieu Aubigny

IT Security Consultant &
Data Protection Officer

Ingo Senft

Chief Administrative Officer &
Senior Information Security Consultant

Anna Chezganova

IT Consultant

Jihad Dazine

Information Security Consultant

Bernard Donneaux

Security Consultant

Rose Ebene

Information Security Consultant

Marianne Guérin

Administrative and commercial assistant

Benjamin Hodzic

Document management

Gonzalo Matamala

IT Security Consultant

Sam Menghi

IT Security Consultant

Ensuifudine Omar

CIO and Developer

Guillaume Schaff

Information Security Consultant &
Health and Safety Officer

Kendal Yaman

Ethical Hacker and Developer

Arash Atashpendar

RDI Manager

Heinrich Fries

RD Security Researcher

Ricardo Santos

RD Specialist and Developer

Farnoush Shahriaran

RD Security Researcher and Developer


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L-6947 Niederanven, Luxembourg


18 Steekaul
L-6831 Berbourg, Luxembourg


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