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Publication of DRAW | CS-GRAM open source tools

The DRAW is an open source tool from itrust consulting and is used to graphically represent assets and their corresponding dependencies. The assets are represented as nodes in the graph and the dependency is represented as an edge from one asset to another. The asset carries information about the name of the asset and its type, e.g. the asset can be a financial asset, a business process, etc. The edge carries the dependency information and also the probability information. Probability implies the chances that one asset will affect the other asset.

The depiction of asset dependencies allows users to graphically see the impact of an asset on other assets. For example, if there is an edge between server and server data, this means that a problem with the server could cause a problem with the server data.

The dependency graph created by DRAW can also be synchronised with TRICK Service risk analysis tool by itrust consulting, enabling the user to perform more effective risk analysis based on asset dependencies and probability propagation associated with edges.

As of version v2.0.5, the tool also supports the Excel format for importing and exporting dependencies to the DRAW whiteboard.

The tool has been released as open source as part of the CyFORT project initiative, making its main features available for use and inviting further contributions.

Link to DRAW on GitHub - itrust consulting

Link to itrust Abstractions Lab