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Publication of Trick2MonarcApi | CS-GRAM open source tools

Open source Java API for MONARC (Optimised Risk Analysis Method), which allows risk information from other sophisticated risk management tools such as TRICK Service (Tool for Risk management of an ISMS based on a Central Knowledge base) to be imported by facilitating changes to the MONARC JSON data file. The tool has been developed to migrate risk information from several organisations within the scope of NIS into the data format required by the NIS regulator in Luxembourg.

This project conforms to MONARC version 2.12.7. This API reads a JSON data file exported from MONARC and gathers information by interpreting a subset of such a file and creating Java objects from the elements it can interpret from the exported JSON data file.
Furthermore, after the Java objects have been processed by this API, it can export a JSON file compliant with MONARC version 2.12.7.

The tool has been released as open source as part of the CyFORT project initiative, making its main features available for use and inviting further contributions.

Link to Trick2MonarcApi on GitHub - itrust consulting

Link to itrust Abstractions Lab