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Request your offer for advice and support to comply with the requirements of the GDPR

How to request:
  1. To prepare an offer tailored to your needs, please try to answer these questions.
  2. By pressing ‘submit’, an email with this information will be send to itrust consulting and a copy to you.
  3. For the clarification of open questions, we might contact you through a phone call.
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General information

GDPR service ordering

  1. GDPR templates for a one-time licence fee of 100 €.      French  English  German
  2. A tailored ‘privacy statement for ASBL’ for a fixed price of 100 €.
  3. Training ‘Introduction to GDPR’ for 500 € per participant (incl. 1 licence per company for the use of the GDPR templates in 1 language)
                   Luxembourgish  French  English  German
  4. Specialized GDPR training:
             two-day ‘GDPR Foundations’ training for 1.350 € per participant
             three-day follow-up training as a data protection officer (DPO) for 2.025 € per participant
                   Luxembourgish  French  English  German
  5. Assistance: DPO as a Service (please answer the questions further down to initiate your request).
  6. Assistance to tailoring (please answer the questions further down to initiate your request).

GDPR information