GDPR service offer description

Your status on GDPR compliance?

If not, consider:

1. GDPR templates for a 100 € licence fee

We provide you with proven document templates, to

Order now for a one-time licence fee of 100 € in one of the three available languages: French, English and German.

2. A tailored ‘privacy statement for ASBL’ for a fixed price of 100 €

Send us your logo, statutes, website, and contact data. We will call you for a discussion on your current practices such as enrolment process, use of pictures of events… after which we will send a draft privacy declaration to be published on your website after review and addition of specific aspects.

Order now for a fixed price of 100 €.

3. Introduction to GDPR for 500 € per participant (incl. use of the GDPR templates)

A training session to introduce participants to the GDPR, addressed to everyone who wants to understand the content of the European Regulation within 1 day, available at request in Luxembourgish, French, English and German. Download our flyer describing the training.

Order now at 500 € excl. VAT per participant.

4. Specialized GDPR training for 1.350 € or 2.025 € per participant

This path offered by itrust consulting to become an GDPR expert is twofold: (1.) a two-day ‘GDPR Foundations’ training course aimed at presenting GDPR requirements, both legal and technical, to guide the PII controllers and PII processors in managing compliance to the regulation in an effective and efficient way. Targeted audience: personnel responsible for the treatment of information, security officers, compliance officers and auditors, and personnel responsible for data protection. Download the flyer for all training details and e.g. reduced prices for groups.

Order now at 1.350 € excl. VAT per participant.

(2.) a three-day follow-up training course with certification as a data protection officer (DPO), aimed at controllers and processors who may have the obligation to designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO) according to article 37 of the GDPR. Based on real-life examples and specific exercises, this certification program was developed to provide to the participants the knowledge and abilities necessary for the implementation of the GDPR within an organization. Targeted audience: DPO and CxO responsible for data protection and risk management, security officers, compliance officers and auditors, and lawyers and jurists. Download the flyer for all training details and e.g. reduced prices for groups.

Order now at 2.025 € excl. VAT per participant.

5. Assistance to tailoring

Our experienced consultants are at your disposal to make your company GDPR-compliant with the help of our tools, e.g. for the creation of the appropriate record of personal data processing, for decision-making (yes/no incl. justification), for the corresponding creation of a DPIA (risk analysis), and for the process for how to properly (re-)act in case a data breach is suspected or has already been confirmed. Our team can also make a large number of implementation recommendations.

Request your GDPR service offer.

6. DPO as a Service

Assistance of typically 2 – 5 days per year, provided by a trained and experienced consultant active as external Data Protection Officer for your organization.

Costs: 750 – 1.200 € per day, depending on language skills and experience.

Request your ‘DPO as a Service’ offer.

Do not hesitate to contact itrust consulting for your needs regarding GDPR compliance support.

Request your GDPR service offer.