Archive: Publications - June 2024

Publication of OpenTRICK as open source tool

itrust consulting published the open source version of TRICK Service and added it the product list.

OpenTRICK is a web-application supporting risk assessment and treatment.

OpenTRICK (formerly called TRICK Service) is a full-featured risk management tool, assisting in assessing risk, planning actions, as required by an ISO/IE 27001 compliant information security management system (ISMS). It accompanies you throughout the whole risk management process; starting with the definition of the risk context, covering risk estimation and treatment, and communicating the results. OpenTRICK prepares you to be certified for ISO 27001, to comply with the requirements of the GDPR, to export the RISK information in the json format requested by the LU regulator ILR or in order to respond to CSSF circular 12/544.

It covers a wide variety of features such as quantitative/qualitative analysis of risk scenarios, estimation of Return on Security Investment (ROSI) based on risk reduction factors (RRF), embedding of custom or pre-defined catalogues for rated security controls (27002, GDPR, 22301, IoT, …), multi-user support and access control, import/export, and versioning. It allows several risk assessment for different customers or contexts to share information such security and risk parameters over a central knowledge Base, thus explaining its name TRICK = Tool for Risk management of an ISMS based on a Central Knowledge base. Note that such information, e.g., ISO/IEC 27002 is copyright protection, i.e. cannot be part of this release, but it can be imported easily, based on formatted documents available at (e.g.) upon acquisition of the standard's copyrights (in near future).

OpenTRICK comes with user access management, activity logs, two-factor authentication, and smart input output feature interacting with Word and Excel.