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IEEE Transactions on Computers

"Automated Model-Based Testing of Role-Based Access Control Using Predicate/Transition Nets"
Dianxiang Xu, Michael Kent, Lijo Thomas, Tejeddine Mouelhi, and Yves Le Traon
IEEE Transactions on Computers PrePrint, no. 1, pp. 1, doi:10.1109/TC.2014.2375189

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Lëtzebuerger Gemengen March 2015

"Un nouveau regard en matière d'analyse de risques",
Dr. Carlo Harpes,
10 march 2015, Lëtzebuerger Gemengen (LG) Hors-série ICT

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A Toolchain for Model-Based Design and Testing of Access Control Systems,
Said Daoudagh, Donia El Kateb, Francesca Lonetti, Eda Marchetti and Tejeddine Mouelhi,
9-11 February 2015, 3rd International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development (MODELSWARD 2015), Angers, France

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Revue Technique Luxembourgeoise 2014

Cockpit CI: How to monitor cyberrisks on a critical infrastructure?
Dr. C. Harpes and Ing. M. Aubigny
Cahier scientifique biannuel de la Revue Technique Luxembourgeoise, Édition 2, 2014

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The CockpitCI approach

Improving cyber-security awareness on Industrial Control Systems,
T. Cruz, J. Proença, P. Simões, M. Aubigny, M. Ouedraogo, A. Graziano and L. Yasakhetu,
3-4 July 2014, at Piraeus, Greece
In proceeding of: 13th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security ECCWS 2014

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