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International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection

Design and implementation of a mediation system enabling secure communication among Critical Infrastructures.
M. Castrucci, A. Neri, F. Caldeira, J. Aubert, D. Khadraoui, M. Aubigny, C. Harpes, P. Simões, V. Suraci, and P. Capodieci,
July 2012.

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European Navigation Conference

Detecting Meaconing Attacks by Analysing the Clock Bias of GNSS Receivers
by Daniel Marnach, Sjouke Mauw, Miguel Martins, Carlo Harpes
25 - 27 April, 2012, Gdansk, Poland

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Security Research Conference 2010

A Protection Profile for Secure Information Sharing Among Critical Infrastructures, poster session.
M. Aubigny and C. Harpes,
22-24 September 2010.

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Risk ontology and Service Quality Descriptor shared among interdependent Critical Infrastructures.
M. Aubigny, C. Harpes, and M. Castrucci,
September 2010.

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"Secure Location Sharing" presentation.
J. Facon, B. Fetler, and C. Harpes,
August 2010.

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