"Secure Location Sharing" presentation.
J. Facon, B. Fetler, and C. Harpes,
August 2010.

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2010 Complexity in Engineering

Improving Resilience of Interdependent Critical Infrastructures via an on-line Alerting System.
P. Capodieci, M. Aubigny, and C. Harpes,
February 2010.

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Secure Localisation with LAP
C. Harpes, B. Jager, and B. Gent
March 2009

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TTC 2007

11-14 September 2007, 4th ESA International Workshop on Tracking, Telemetry and Command Systems for Space Applications, Darmstadt (D).

Practical Evaluation of Cryptographic Configurations for Packet TM/TC.
A. Adelsbach, C. Harpes, GP Calzolari, and D. Fischer,
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Quantitative Risk Assessment with ISAMM on ESA's Data System.
C. Harpes, A. Adelsbach, N. Peccia, and S. Zatti,
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Internet Security Day 2007

Connaissez-vous les risques de vos informations?.
C. Harpes,
26/03/2007, Seminar of the Ministry of Economy, Luxembourg.

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EuroCACS 2007

PKI – Achieving Business Benefits Through Large-Scale Integration.
C. Harpes and S. Purser,
20-22/03/2007, Yearly conference of ISACA, Vienna.

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