Artificial Satellites Journal

Detecting Meaconing Attacks by Analysing the Clock Bias of Gnss Receivers.
D. Marnach, S. Mauw, M. Martins, and C. Harpes,
January 2013, Volume 48, Issue 2, Pages 63–83, ISSN (Online) 2083-6104, ISSN (Print) 0208-841X, DOI: 10.2478/arsa-2013-0006.

Existing Global Navigation Satellite Systems offer no authentication of their satellite signals towards their civilian users. As a consequence, several types of GNSS-related attacks, including meaconing, may be performed and remain undetected. In the scope of the project “Developing a prototype of Localisation Assurance Service Provider”, which is funded by ESA and realised by the company itrust consulting and the University of Luxembourg, a methodology to visualise the beginnings and the ends of meaconing attacks by monitoring the clock bias of an attacked receiver over time was developed. This paper presents an algorithm that is based on this attack visualisation technique and is capable of detecting meaconing attacks automatically. Experiments in a controlled environment confirmed that the chosen methodology works properly. In one of these tests, for example, six meaconing attacks were simulated by using a GNSS signal repeater. The algorithm was able to detect the beginnings and the ends of all six attacks, while resulting in no more than two false positives, even though the average delay introduced by the meaconing stations (repeater) was just 80 nanoseconds.

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NAVITEC 2012 Conference

Implementation and validation of a Localisation Assurance service provider.
X. Chen, C. Harpes, G. Lenzini, M. Martins, S. Mauw, and J. Pang,
December 2012, 6th ESA Workshop on Satellite Navigation Technologies and European Workshop on GNSS Signals and Signal Processing, (NAVITEC), pages 1-8. IEEE Computer Society.

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(IN)SECURE Magazine

PoC malware for remote hijacking of USB smart readers
(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 36, December 2012, second article on page 30

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P. Rascagnères and H. Caron,
October 2012.

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When malwares target smartcard.
P. Rascagnères and J. Maladrie,
October 2012.

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International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection

Design and implementation of a mediation system enabling secure communication among Critical Infrastructures.
M. Castrucci, A. Neri, F. Caldeira, J. Aubert, D. Khadraoui, M. Aubigny, C. Harpes, P. Simões, V. Suraci, and P. Capodieci,
July 2012.

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European Navigation Conference

Detecting Meaconing Attacks by Analysing the Clock Bias of GNSS Receivers
by Daniel Marnach, Sjouke Mauw, Miguel Martins, Carlo Harpes
25 - 27 April, 2012, Gdansk, Poland

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Security Research Conference 2010

A Protection Profile for Secure Information Sharing Among Critical Infrastructures, poster session.
M. Aubigny and C. Harpes,
22-24 September 2010.

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Risk ontology and Service Quality Descriptor shared among interdependent Critical Infrastructures.
M. Aubigny, C. Harpes, and M. Castrucci,
September 2010.

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"Secure Location Sharing" presentation.
J. Facon, B. Fetler, and C. Harpes,
August 2010.

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