Archive: News - 2010

itrust consulting wishes you Merry Christmas and a safe year 2010

itrust consulting prefers sending best wishes by email and renounces to give end of year presents. The corresponding budget has been dedicated this year to support the following charitable projects:

  • End Polio Now, a cooperation between Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation;
  • Fondation Follereau Luxembourg.

Successful CELTIC project

itrust consulting has been identified as a successful CELTIC project Spin-off in the context of the CELTIC projects due to its involvement in the BUGYO Beyond project.

Intermediate results of the BUGYO Beyond project

The intermediate results of the BUGYO Beyond project have been validated by the CELTIC reviewers. A press conference at the Ecostart buidling followed to present these results.

Security Research Conference 2010

A Protection Profile for Secure Information Sharing Among Critical Infrastructures, poster session. M. Aubigny et Carlo Harpes, 22-24 Septembre 2010. 2010

itrust consulting announces its participation to the conference that will be held from the 27th to the 29th of October 2010 at Parc Hotel Alvisse, Luxembourg. To confirm its engagement as a security expert in Luxembourg, itrust consulting has decided to be a Silver Sponsor.