Archive: News - May 2012

MICIE Publication

A scientific article “Design and implementation of a mediation system enabling secure communication among Critical Infrastructures”, co-authored by two itrust consulting employees, has been published in the International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection. It presents a middleware solution, developed in the FP7 MICIE project that allows Critical Infrastructures to share real-time information, to enable the design and implementation of fault mitigation strategies and mechanisms in order to prevent failure propagation.

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Launch of new site

itrust participate on the website whose purpose is to give access to malwares and their technical analysis. The service is hosted in Luxembourg.

SnT Partnership Day

itrust demonstrated the Localisation Assurance Service Provider (LASP) at the SnT Partnership Day.

FP7 CockpitCI Kick-off and website

itrust participated to the FP7 project CockpitCI which aims to improve the resilience and dependability of Critical Infrastructures (CIs) by the automatic detection of cyber-threats and the sharing of real-time information about attacks among CI owners. This three year project started in January 2012 and launched its website today.