Archive: News - July 2021

CSB#48 – Can we use the CyberSecurity Act (CSA) to improve the current information security baseline?

Dr Carlo Harpes to explain the potential of the EU Certification initiative, the role of regulators and public procurement to require certification, the pitfalls in certification such as with the LU CARPA initiative, the need for collaboration among all actors, the need to learn and improve ICT development lifecycle and testing, the danger of dependency after mergers of today's certification authorities and the importance to care about 'high' certification that should stay feasible for innovative company, not only for market leaders.

Here you find the link to the video of the event

Press release about ‘LuxQCI’ with itrust consulting as partner of the consortium

An SES-driven consortium that seeks to develop a satellite-terrestrial quantum communication infrastructure and the roadmap for wider European integration, setting the path for next-generation cybersecurity.

To design the LuxQCI, Luxembourg has put in place a consortium comprising InCert, itrust consulting, LuxConnect, LuxTrust and the University of Luxembourg (SnT), that is led by SES’s fully owned affiliate SES Techcom.

Here you find the full press announcement.