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STANDARD ISO/IEC 22301 article

Matthieu Aubigny, CISO at itrust, has published an article about Business Continuity Management.

Defcon 2013

Hugo Caron, one of itrust's ethical hackers particiaptes at the Defcon 2013 in Las Vegas.

Data of 3 705 Luxembourgish people revealed

A data leakage at the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Belgique occurred at the end of last year. The data of 1.5 million users, thereof 3,705 living in Luxembourg, have been revealed. Read the article on ITone and find the reactions of Dr Carlo Harpes, Managing Director of itrust, and other experts.

Yacht forced to change route

A group of researchers from an American university recently managed to divert a vessel's cours by spoofing its GPS data. They wanted to show how dangerous spoofing attacks are for any means of transport. (read article)

Hitcon 2013

Paul Rascagnères gives a presentation at the Hitcon in Taiwan.

“Petits malwares entre amis”

An article about legal counter attack difficulties, written by Paul Rascagnères, Pentester at itrust consulting, has been published in the MISC N°65 - Janvier/Février 2013.

“KeyLogger analysis”

An article about keylogger analysing, written by Paul Rascagnères and Julien Maladrie, Pentesters at itrust consulting, has been published  in the MISC N°65 - Janvier/Février 2013.

Article published

The article Location Assurance and Privacy in GNSS Navigation by Xihui Chen, Carlo Harpes, Gabriele Lenzini, Sjouke Mauw and Jun Pang, had been published on ERCIM NEWS online edition "Intelligent Cars".

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Shakacon 2013

Paul Rascagnères, ethical hacker at itrust, presents a technical analysis of the malware, Red October (announced in January by Kaspersky) at the 5HAKACON (archive) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Nuit du Hack 2013

Our Pentesters are present at the "Nuit du Hack" in Paris.