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ILNAS Newsletter: “lutte et prévention des menaces informatiques”

Article about itrust in Ilnas's april newsletter.

1st SPARC Workshop

itrust participates in the 1st SPARC Workshop in Pisa.

Bugcon 2013

itrust participates in the bugcon 2013 in Mexico and provides a workshop and a conference about malware analysis.

Detailed analysis of “Red October”, by itrust employees

In a press release of the 16.01.2013, the Luxembourgish Government states that a minor IT incident occured and one of its machines has been attacked by "Red October". Immediately after appearance of "Red October", Paul Rascagnères and Hugo Caron, two Pentesters at itrust consulting, contributed to the analysis of the malware's procedual method. Their articles can be found on part 1, part 2, part 3 and Home made Red October C&C.

Paperjam Articles

itrust welcomes the employees that joined its staff in 2012.

IT-Forensik Anwendertag 2013

Carlo Harpes of itrust consulting gives a presentation on CSIRT at the "IT-Forensik Anwendertag" in Darmstadt, Germany. listed on Trusted Introducer as European CERT12/20/2012

The Website is now an officially European Cert on the Trusted List. presentation

Paul Rascagnères presents on HackGyver.

Publication in (IN)SECURE Magazine

An article about PoC malware for remote hijacking of USB smart readers, discovered by, has been published on page 30 of the (IN)SECURE Magazine.